• Swim in a rainforest stream at Cape Tribulation


    Swim in a jungle stream
  • Fantastic view from the Alexandra Range Lookout in the Daintree


    Spectacular Scenery In The Daintree Rainforest
  • Cape Tribulation, highlight of the Great Barrier Reef Drive


    The Grand Finale To The Great Barrier Reef Drive

Explore The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation


The 140 km. long Great Barrier Reef Drive takes you from the city to the jungle, and Cape Tribulation is your final destination.
Below we have some information to help you plan your stay in Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation, some more information to help you plan

Getting To Cape Trib

The best way is to hire a car in Cairns so you can enjoy the many scenic stops along the Great Barrier Reef Drive, but if you are unable to do this then there are also some buses that can take you here. Many only do day tours but we do not recommend this, there is too much to do and see here; beaches, rain forest walks, you can go out on a boat from here to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, go jungle surfing through the tree tops and various other tours.
We have some useful info on car rental, day tours and package deals for you here.

Cape Tribulation Shop
the local shop in Cape Tribulation


Cape Tribulation has two shops, one on the left as you enter the town, Mason's Cape Trib Shop which also has a cafe, bottleshop, and a lovely refreshing swimming hole in the creek, and the Friendly Grocer more in the centre of Cape Tribulation next to PK's Jungle Village. Remember you are in a remote area without a big population so these shops do not have the range or pricing that your big supermarket back home has. Both these shops also have a range of souvenirs and postcards.

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services  in Cape Tribulation


Cape Tribulation has no petrol station but there is one at Rainforest Village 20 minutes south. Cape Tribulation also has no bank, doctor, church, mosque, pharmacy, post office or mobile phone signal, so plan ahead before you get there. A couple of minutes south of Cape Tribulation on top of the Noah Range is an unoffical mobile phone car park where people go to make their calls and receive messages. Pre-paid nternet is available at the big resorts, but free Wifi is hard to find here, Rainforest Hideaway B&B is the only one we know of that offers it to their B&B guests.

Enjoy the Daintree, but be careful
warning sign


The Daintree has many pristine remote beaches and.quite often, even in the busy season, you can find a beach all to yourself. There are no life guards here like in the city so use your own common sense, and remember November to May is box jelly fish season, There are crocodile signs at most beaches, note they are only advising crocodiles can be present, it is not illegal to swim at the beaches like some people think.
For safe swimming the larger resorts have pools, but even nicer is the natural swimming holes in the creeks, one at the Cape Trib Shop and some nice ones in Emmagen Creek too.

Dining out in Cape Tribulation
Restaurant in the rain forest at Cape Tribulation

Eating And Drinking

Just because you're out in the jungle doesn't mean there is not much to eat. Cape Tribulation has a choice of restaurants and cafes. Resorts like Ferntree, PK's and Beach House all have bars and restaurants, there is Turtle Rock Cafe and Mason's Cafe at the Cape Trib Shop, and right in the centre of Cape Tribulation is the town's top dining experience Whet, also a pleasant place just for a drink. One more dinner option is the wood fired pizzas at Cape Trib Camping. Be aware that you're not in a big city and most places only do dinner from 6 till 8 PM.

End of the road

Cape Tribulation is where the sealed road ends and the infamous Bloomfield Track starts. This is a dirt road that attracted a lot of attention in 1984 when greenie protesters came together in a blockade to stop the bulldozers clearing a road through the rain forest further north. The condition of the dirt road varies depending on when it has been graded, if it is good you may be tempted to drive up with your small rental car but stop at Emmagen Creek, do not attempt to cross this.



This drive takes you along the edge of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, but make sure you hop on a boat from Port Douglas or Cape Tribulation too so you can immerse yourself in this amazing world of wild coloured coral and tropical fish.


While you can see some rain forest in various places along the drive you definitely have to cross the Daintree river to see the real ancient Daintree rain forest, do some of the National Park board walks, swim in the pristine creeks, or book a guided tour in Cape Tribulation to learn more about it.


You can see cassowaries in zoos around the world but meeting a cassowary in the wild is an experience not to be forgotten. This ancient flightless bird has been walking the planet ever since all continents were still joined together as one and dinosaurs roamed the earth. The cassowary is listed as endangered but has been making a good comeback, and there is a fair chance you will see one in the Daintree if you spend a few days there.


If you love the beach then you will love the Great Barrier Reef Drive, there are dozens of stunning beaches to explore along the way, just in the Daintree there's ten of them already, and even in the busy season there is a good chance you will find one all to yourself.

There is an amazing variety of things to do and see along the Great Barrier Reef Drive, click here for more information
Tourist attractions in the Daintree


What ever you can imagine, you will find it along the Great Barrier Reef Drive. Exotic fruit wines, hang gliding, home made icecream, crocodiles, rainforest sculpture trail, tea, insect museum, cassowaries crossing the road, massage, jungle surfing, Aboriginal culture tours, helicopter rides, More info added soon on the multitude of attractions and sights to see.