• Swim in a rainforest stream at Cape Tribulation


    Swim in a jungle stream
  • View from Cape Tribulation looking south over Myall Beach


    looking south over Myall Beach
  • Aerial view of Cape Tribulation


    The Grand Finale To The Great Barrier Reef Drive

Explore The Great Barrier Reef Drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation


The grand finale to the 140 km. journey from Cairns to Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation is the final stop on the Great Barrier Reef Drive that takes you from the city to the jungle.
Here you can take a rest and base yourself for a couple of nights in some rainforest accommodation and explore the amazing area.
Cape Tribulation is a small settlement of less than a hundred permanent people in the rain forest by Myall Beach. There are a couple of resorts, small shops, restaurants, cafes, some walks in the National Park, pristine beaches and of course the cape.
It is a 36 km. drive from the Daintree river ferry to here and this is where the sealed road stops, if you wish to go further up the Bloomfield Track then you will need a fourwheel drive or book on a fourwheel drive tour from Cape Tribulation.
This is where in 1770 James Cook hit the reef in the middle of the night and he wrote in his journal that this was where his troubles began, so Cape Tribulation has played a significant part in Australia's history, they came close to sinking and had they sunk and drowned then Australia might not have been claimed by the British and remained as New Holland, the name they Dutch had given to this continent 164 years earlier.
The rain forest that surround Cape Tribulation was declared a National Park in 1981 and World Heritage listed in 1988.

Cape Tribulation, final stop on the Great Barrier Reef Drive

Cape Tribulation

Enjoy the many scenic stops along the Great Barrier Reef Drive but make sure you don't run out of time, as you will need a couple of days to see all that the last stop Cape Tribulation has to offer; beaches, rain forest walks, Daintree National Park, cassowaries, jungle surfing, snorkel tours on the reef, sea kayaking, exotic fruit tasting, the Bloomfield Track, so much to do!
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Adventure Tours

Cape Tribulation has some exciting tours which will show you the amazing environment of rainforest meeting reef.
Jungle Surfing will take you zip lining in the canopy of the world's oldest rainforest and Ocean Safari will take you out to the Great Barrier Reef for a half day snorkel tour. A very appropriate end to this journey, where else can you fit two World Heritage Areas in to one drive? There are more tours in Cape Tribulation; horse riding, sea kayaking, exotic fruit tasting, guided nightwalks, fourwheeldrive tours and croc spotting.
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Rainforest Accommodation

Stay a few nights in a cabin immersed in the world's oldest rain forest. Spending the night listening to the mysterious night time sounds of this World Heritage listed rain forest or coming face to face with a cassowary in the wild is an experience that should be on everyone's bucket list. Off-grid eco accommodation with solar power and natural ventilation surrounded by dense jungle.
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Remote Beaches

The Daintree has many pristine remote beaches and.quite often, even in the busy season, you can find a beach all to yourself. Some of the beaches are right next to the road and easy to find, others require a bit more local knowledge.
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Massage in Cape Tribulation

You've reached the end of the road on the Great Barrier Reef Drive and after many hours of travelling the body might be in need of a bit of care, and nothing better than to relax with a Thai massage or other style in the serenity of the Daintree rain forest. After your massage you can linger around on the sculpture trails that wind around the property or have a swim in the creek..
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Rainforest And Wildlife

The Daintree rainforest is a unique environment and many plants and animals are not found anywhere else.
If you stay here for a few days you will be able to explore quite a bit of it, and hopefully even meet a cassowary in the wild. There are boardwalks and hikes in the National Park but you can also book on a guided tour and let a guide with local knowledge introduce you to this amazing eco system.
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How do we get to Cape Tribulation?

Ellis Beach, the last of the northern beaches of Cairns

Rent A Car

The transport that gives you the most chance to fully explore the Great Barrier Reef Drive is your own car, and we recommend you hire one in Cairns. This will enable you to stop at deserted beaches, stay as long as you like, and be flexible in your travels. North of the Daintree river there are no taxis or public transport, so having your own wheels will enable you to explore this fascinating area much better. Note all cars can go to Cape Trib now, you only need a 4WD if you go further north.

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Cape Trib Connections

Cape Trib Connections does package deals from Cairns, they will pick you up from your Cairns accommodation, drive you up to Cape Trib with scenic stops at lookouts, rain forest boardwalks, the Daintree Icecream Company, and a croc cruise along the way, and drop you off at your Cape Tribulation accommodation for one or two nights before heading back again. Sit on the right hand side in the bus when they pick you up in Cairns to make the most of the spectacular sea views along the coast.

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Jungle Tours

Jungle Tours is a long established company that gives you a choice in Cape Tribulation tours; day tours that include all the scenic stops, croc cruise and Daintree rainforest walks along the way, tours that include the above plus jungle surfing, or longer trips that include one or two nights at Cape Tribulation accommodation like PK's, the Beach House or Ferntree Resort. This gives you more time to explore this amazing place.

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This drive takes you along the edge of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, but make sure you hop on a boat from Port Douglas or Cape Tribulation too so you can immerse yourself in this amazing world of wild coloured coral and tropical fish.


While you can see some rain forest in various places along the drive you definitely have to cross the Daintree river to see the real ancient Daintree rain forest, do some of the National Park board walks, swim in the pristine creeks, or book a guided tour in Cape Tribulation to learn more about it.


You can see cassowaries in zoos around the world but meeting a cassowary in the wild is an experience not to be forgotten. This ancient flightless bird has been walking the planet ever since all continents were still joined together as one and dinosaurs roamed the earth. The cassowary is listed as endangered but has been making a good comeback, and there is a fair chance you will see one in the Daintree if you spend a few days there.


If you love the beach then you will love the Great Barrier Reef Drive, there are dozens of stunning beaches to explore along the way, just in the Daintree there's ten of them already, and even in the busy season there is a good chance you will find one all to yourself.

There is an amazing variety of things to do and see along the Great Barrier Reef Drive, click here for more information
Tourist attractions in the Daintree


What ever you can imagine, you will find it along the Great Barrier Reef Drive. Exotic fruit wines, hang gliding, home made icecream, crocodiles, rainforest sculpture trail, tea, insect museum, cassowaries crossing the road, massage, jungle surfing, Aboriginal culture tours, helicopter rides, More info added soon on the multitude of attractions and sights to see.