The map of the Great Barrier Reef Drive

Use the Google map below to plan your Great Barrier Reef Drive adventure, or use our maps below the Google map..
It's not that hard to find your way to Cape Tribulation, it's basically straight ahead after leaving Cairns with one right hand turn 25 km. after Mossman, but the map will show you where all the many attractions along the way are so you don't miss them.
Change from Map to Satellite by clicking in the bottom left corner of the map, and it will show you exactly where the beaches are. Between Cairns and Port Douglas there are some deserted little hidden beaches that do not even have names.

More DRIVING Directions:

Even without maps the Great Barrier Reef Drive is easy to follow!
If you start from Cairns city centre all you need to do is find Sheridan Street and then just follow that along and you are on the Cook Highway / Great Barrier Reef Drive.
Coming out of the Cairns airport or out of Port Douglas?
Just turn right when you see the highway!

After crossing the Daintree river you will have no mobile signal so the above Google map will not work any more. You can save the maps below to your device.
This is the map to find your way from Cairns up to Cape Tribulation, below this map are more detailed maps for the Daintree and Cape Tribulation..

Cairns to Cape Tribulation map


The map for the Daintree:

Map of the Daintree


The map for Cape Tribulation:

cape tribulation map


Do we need a fourwheel drive to go to Cape Tribulation?

No, the road is sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation, if you want to go further up the unsealed Bloomfield Track then you will need a fourwheel drive.
If you hire a 4WD t is still worth checking where you can take it, although it sounds ridiculous some car hire companies do not allow their 4WDs off the sealed road.

I have heard some car rental companies do not allow their cars across the Daintree river?

That is outdated information, the road has been sealed all the way to Cape Tribulation since 2002

What are the operating times of the Daintree river ferry?

The ferry runs continuously up and down from 5 AM until midnight every day except Christmas Day, the current cost is $30.- return per car, EFTPOS not always available

Can you recommend a Cairns car hire place?

There are many and those that are good or cheap today might be different again tomorrow, the situation can change daily.
You can spend a lot of time searching the websites of Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty and so many others, or you can see them all next to eachother on Discover Car Hire which gives you the whole range of available hire cars making it easy to compare prices and find the best deal in a few clicks.

Cairns Car Hire